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A great Kid's TV Channel until the mid-90's when it began to suck. It had supa-fly shows such as Clarissa Explains It All, The Adventures Of Pete and Pete, Doug, Salute Your Shorts, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Ahh! Real Monsters, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Figure it Out and etc. Then they started to slowly decline as they kept replacing the cast of All That, made a new version of Double Dare called Double Dare 2000. Their good cartoons were taken off the air and their ok cartoons such as Rugrats, got worse and worse. They occasionly had a good show like Invader Zim but was cancelled probably cuz faux-punks who shop at Hot Topic started wearing Gir and Zim pins and T-shirts. Now they just suck and show crappy shows such as ChalkZone, Fairly Oddparents, Zoey 101, and Unfabulous.
Man, i miss Old School Nick.
by The Shadow Molestor April 28, 2005
Guys who have shaggy hair all in their eyes.

A variation of skater or emo boy hair.
The guys in the band Rooney have Rooney Hair, hence the name.
by The Shadow Molestor June 07, 2005
Hommocks is pretty much the lamest middle school ever. All the children from Murray, Mam'k Ave., Central, and Chatsworth go there. This is the school where everyone goes to wallow in their misery and stuff crap into tiny lockers and do a lot of unnessary work. Be happy if you don't go to this school.
All those 8th graders are coming to MHS this year.
Oh crap, I hate kids from Hommocks let's sacrifice them.
by The Shadow Molestor April 24, 2005
Following around the person you like even though they hate you and would wish to hit you with a scalding hot frying pan if legal. Some people call this stalking. I call it love.
Monica is always following around Jordan. His friends shout stalker at her across the hall. But she doesn't stalk him. She just loves him and likes to admire his fine buttocks while walking behind him.
by The Shadow Molestor April 03, 2005

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