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Japanese for 'slut'. Most likely derived from yaru, to give, and manko, the vagina.Very loosely translated, it's a 'generous pussy.'
Kitane yariman, korosuzo!
You dirty whore, I'll kill you!
by The Second August 16, 2004
A word for a dark-skinned person. Derived from Latin niger, lit. black. 1) racist and derogatory, either in perception or intent, used to offend and catergorize black people.
2)Familiar term, akin to 'brother' or 'buddy'.

Extreme caution is recommended in using this word. Unless you are sure of how the word will be recieved, I'd suggest you don't use it.
Jackie Chan- What up, my nigga.
Large Black Man- WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?
Jackie Chan hesitates-What up... my nigga?
Jackie Chan gets thrown across the room.
by The Second August 16, 2004
To be swayze, (v)
Intr., To feel or function suberbly well.Primarily used in sexual or emotional context.

Swayze, (adj)Extremely good or well, more emphatic than 'tight.' Derived from 'to be swayze',v.
I just got paid, AND just hooked up with that girl from down the street. Kid, I'm swayze.
by The Second August 16, 2004

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