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7 definitions by The Ruffio

Another term for Lucky Strike cigarettes.(The best brand of smokes out there.)
Guy 1: Hey man, Can I bum some Luckies for my girlfriend?

Guy 2: Are you kidding me? Theres no way I'm going to give away any of my Luckies to you or some bitch! Get a job Hippy!

by The Ruffio June 16, 2008
One of the biggest names in power metal. Unfortunately the music they create is about as real as professional wrestling. It seems great until you realize it's fake. All of their studio music is HEAVILY edited before making its way to album. The only names that deserve credit for their albums are the Sound Engineers. And maybe the guy who created the 3 riffs they repeated over 4 albums.
Dragonforce is not actually metal, rather Teen Pop.

Just A Few Good Power Metal Bands: Sonata Arctica, Hammerfall, Sabaton, Kamelot, Gamma Ray, Edguy, and Firewind.
by The Ruffio February 09, 2009
a powerfull and unforgiving leader/dictator. also the leader of the "ruffians". not to be confused with the band rufio. often refered to as "the ruffio"
Steve: i bet the ruffio likes that emo band rufio.
Rick: better not let him hear that!
Steve: why should i care?
Rick: i heard the ruffio carries around a blackjack the size of a basketball and a flail large enough to take out 11 squads of soldiers in one swing. and dont even make me start on his whips and chains!
by The Ruffio August 06, 2006
Hells The Fuck No
Opposite of Hells The Fuck Yes
So your considering going Emo?

HTFN dude, who told you that? Im going to kick their ass!
by The Ruffio August 15, 2007
a guy friends with the ruffio, like a henchman or a guy who does the dirty work, like smashing cars and stuff
Ruffio: Sup monkeybot.
Monkeybot: Sup, break out my cash dude.
Ruffio: Naw, you still got some work to do.
Monkeybot: Like what?
Ruffio: I got some spike strips i want spread on the freeway.
Monkeybot: Ok damn it!!
by The Ruffio February 14, 2007
A person of indiscriminate gender.
Bi-curious tendencies.
Unawareness of gender roles.
An excuse for guys, to act like girls.
Someone who wears expensive shrunken clothes to express their pessimism of the world.
A person who of high-class, but searches for a good excuse, to appear unaccepted and to act like they've had a hard life.
Rick: Hi
Emo: ...
Rick: You look sad.
Emo: I am sad.
Rick: Why?
Emo: I'm always sad.
Rick: Is there any thing I can do?
Emo: Want to release our pain through the cutting of flesh.
Rick: ?!?!
by The Ruffio August 04, 2007
A goodbye taking more than 1 hour and in which a new conversation begins. People can spend hours on end standing in the driveway talking, during an Irish Goodbye. Not limited to Irish people, but very common among large Irish Families.

This type of goodbye is different because the more serious one is about leaving, the longer they stay around for.
T: Im going to bed for real
H: Okay goodnight
T: Wait, did you hear the new ___ album yet?
H: Yes, wasnt it amazing??
T: Most awesome of all time because...

*3 hours later*
T: Okay this Irish Goodbye must come to an end. I'm going to just hang up the phone otherwise we'll never stop talking.
by The Ruffio February 28, 2010