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Mainly a cigarette could be a colt or cigar that can lead up to the feared cancer.
MaN ReeD JusT PoPPeD A sWeeT CaNCeR sTicK iN HiS Mouth He DiDn'T Even CaRe
by The Reefer Man May 06, 2005
To light up a fucking joint and to be so high....
MaN FucK WaS i eVeR BLaZiN iT uP At JoeS CRiB YeSTeRDaY!
by The Reefer Man May 08, 2005
marijuana, chronic, droll, endo, mary jane ..just another word for that sweet herb
Man When Chris Brought Over that sweet bag of cheeba the party got fucking started bro.
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005
a small cigar(colt) With a sweet tip..comes in original, sweet cherry and sweet tip(choclatey)...
i FucKinG sMoKeD My WhoLe PacK oF CaPTainS YesTeRDaY~!
by The Reefer Man April 26, 2005
a powerful pill drug.. when taken this drug its a good time with lots of hornyness..
had a wicked good time on that "e" last night!
by The Reefer Man April 19, 2005
weed,marijuana, in the plural
get me a bad of your finest cheaba so i can blaze it up later.
by The Reefer Man March 09, 2005
small cigars (colts) with a sweet tip..the flavor is rum wine ..
MaN i HaD A SweeT oLD Port ThA OthA DaY
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005

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