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Derived from the Afro-Saxon made, Cock. And the latin Mahnger. A Cock Monger is one who has an unquenchable thirst for Cock.
Jessica Alba is such a Cock Monger.
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008
Slang for an extreamly black person, so black that there lips seem blue. Also implying that the majority of Blacks reside in Alabama.
Said to a dark man: Allright Mr. Alabama blue lips, calm down its just chicken
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008
Most commonly used in the UK and most of europe, a batter bomb is slang for a cum shot, or ejaculation load. It is only a true batter bomb if u catch the female in the face unexpectadly (sp)
DUDE,BRO i was fuckin this chick, i was about to cum, i pulled out and caught her in the face with a massive batter bomb! OWNED
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008
The greatest word by far in the enlgish dictionary, boofer, is the "non offensive" alternative to Nigger.
Its so hard to see those damn boofers at night
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008

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