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(n) a male tank top that exposes the arms, shoulders, and some chest and back. It is distinct from a muscle shirt in that it does not full expose the sides (man + tank top; see mank).
ex 1 - I wore a mank top to the beach yesterday and got totally sunburned!
ex 2 - Sweet mank top bro. Where'd you get it? Urban?
by The Rayn Man May 30, 2013
(n) a male tank top (man + tank top; see mank top)
(v) the act of wearing a mank or mank top
ex 1 - Wow, what a nice mank! I wish I had one just like it. Your arms look awesome in that mank.
ex 2 - Dude, the weather is so nice today. I am totally going to mank it.
ex 3 - This party is totally a mankable occasion.
by The Rayn Man May 30, 2013

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