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Derogatory term for two gay males. This can be a noun to describe someone, a noun to describe an act, and an adjective.
Noun1: Heh heh, check out Bert and Ernie!
Noun2: Ew! They were in the bathroom doin' the Bert and Ernie!
Adjective: Those two homos are so Bert and Ernie!
by The Protagonist July 26, 2005
The runs, Hershey-squirts, diarrhea.
Aw, man, I had the scoots somethin' awful.
by The Protagonist July 26, 2005
An old, dirty, oftentimes poor black man who reeks of piss, alcohol, dookie, and/or weed. Usually seen accompanied by a bottle wrapped in a brown paper sack. Also called "stunk monkey."
First White Guy: *sniff* Ew! What's that smell?
Second White Guy: It's that goddamned stank monkey over there!
First White Guy: He smells like dog shit!
Stank Monkey: Shut the hell up you dumb crackers!
by The Protagonist July 26, 2005
A derogative term referring to a limp penis after ejaculation.
Stupid Ho: Ha ha! Look at that little withered turkey!
Guy With Shriveled Penis: *SMACK!* STFU!
by The Protagonist July 26, 2005

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