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In the tradition of the dirty sanchez, when banging your woman from behind, just as your about to blow it, scoop some poop from her chute and smear it from ear to ear, so she looks like Abe, then as she tries to scramble away in disgust, "shoot" her in the back of the head a la John Wilkes Booth, with your DNA pudding.
My new lady friend didn't enjoy The Stinkin Lincoln i pulled on her last night.
by The Poops August 23, 2005
Phrase heard when passing a joint to a friend.
1st person handing the joint: 'ear(here)
2nd person receiving the joint: 'tanks(thanks)
by The Poops August 11, 2003
combination of "pussy" and "lips"
That freak needs some cosmetic surgery because his grill is wak, looks like he's got some plips on his face.
by The Poops August 15, 2003
hopped up, got my yo on, ready for it
After hitting the 4 footer, and polishing a 40, I was all yo'd up.
by The Poops August 11, 2003
the clogged hair in your bathtub drain
"yesterday, my spooge got stuck in my pube filled harem"
by The Poops December 17, 2007

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