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A word describing something so phenomenal that only the creation of a word, such as “awesomenisity”, can allow the human brain to comprehend its magnitude...BOOM!!!
Stephen Colbert's level of “awesomenisity” is so high that only sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads that eat hip-hop dancing hamsters, have the ability to “think” they might have heard of him…in a dream…maybe…
#lame #awsomnisity #awesomenicity #g.o.a.t. #ali #thepenguingazette.blogspot.com
by The Penguin Gazette October 03, 2011
When someone has gained so much weight that when they laugh their stomach claps harder than their hands do.
"OK bro, your belly just blinked at me..you're really gonna have to lose weight cause your Gut-Butt is getting out of control.
#fat #gut #butt #obese #circus freak #lard ass
by The Penguin Gazette October 11, 2011
1. Pronounced (Blog-oh-wers) Blogowers is a term used to describe people that follow blogs faithfully and blindly into oblivion.

2. The life-blood of bloggers EVERYWHERE!

3. The sometimes hostile and sarcastic "makers and breakers" of a blogger's dreams.

4. A living, breathing organism, made up of millions of blog readers that can break you with a single word and with the same word make you a star!
With a single sentence Blogowers can make your site famous, or infamous. It all depends on the good or bad words they use, so blog responsibly!!!
#blog #bloggers #followers #fans #fan base #the penguin gazette #awesomenisity #gut-butt
by The Penguin Gazette October 17, 2011
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