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The anticeptic water in a port-a-potty. Commonly found at sporting events and concerts.
At the golf tournament, the chubby girl in the Old Navy sweat suit would not stop watching me. After witnessing Tom Kite break his six-iron over a patron's forehead, I took the girl into the nearest port-a-potty. Whilst inside, I continuously dunked her head-first into the blue water, all the while penetrating her from behind. Tom Kite would not stop laughing.
by The Pantsman April 30, 2007
condoms and such. !!
1. Since I have AIDS, I poke tiny holes in all my blasting caps.

2. Are these the smallest caps you sell?
by The Pantsman May 03, 2007
Dark room or basement where you lure unsuspecting and intoxicated women.
Come into my pain cave so I can bludgeon you.
by The Pantsman May 03, 2007

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