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88 kilograms of any type of drug. Derived from the song Da Rockwilder by Method Man & Redman. "You ship off ki's and we ship grand pianos."
While Carlito was busy moving kis, I was moving grand pianos.

Two weeks ago I sold a ki of cocaine, but now I have a grand piano of heroin.
by The One and Only Ross December 09, 2007
To wrap your legs around a person who is sucking your dick, or eating your pussy. Its the shit.
I was eating this girl out, and she headphoned me, it made the experience that much better.

Some bitch was sucking my dick so i headphoned her!
by The One And Only Ross June 28, 2006
When a girl is giving head, or you are eating her out, and the person getting head, or eaten out, wraps their legs around the person's head.
Some girl was sucking me really good, so I gave that bitch headphones.
by The One and Only Ross June 27, 2006
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