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a niznaz is a deep-fried, distilled piece of toast. Originating in southern mongolia, and founded by the Mongol warlord Temujin in 1258 AD. Often thrown at the enemies of the Golden Horde to cause utter confusion and discombobulation.
Temujin: Pass the niznaz my boy.
Bulgacroctanus McFadden the 2nd: Do you intend on eating it sir?
Temujin: No. I'm going to throw it at my aging grandmother to get her inheritance money in order to advance my campaign in Russia.
Bulgacroctanus McFadden the 2nd: Ah, jolly good sir.
by The Nug14 September 02, 2009
AKA: Genghis Khan. Mongol warlord of the Golden Horde from 1206-1227.
Inventor of the pioneering medieval missile: the niznaz.
The world's first philanthropist.
Good friend of Bulgacroctanus McFadden the 2nd.
Bulgacroctanus McFadden the 2nd: Hello Temujin.
Temujin: Hello Bulgacroctanus McFadden the 2nd.
by The Nug14 September 02, 2009
The PR Manager of the Mongol Hordes. Often seen with Temujin (AKA Genghis Khan)
Bulgacroctanus McFadden the 2nd: I am the PR Manager of the Golden Horde you know.
Temujin: Yes I'm aware of that you spacker.
by The Nug14 September 02, 2009

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