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See also Animal Cruelty



1. Involving the maiming of any limb, head, organ, genital, or hole attached to an animal.

2. Sexual. The penetration by a male human with a phallic girth greatly exceeding the size of the hole, in an animal, to which it is being inserted.

3. Sexual. The act of sadistically sodomizing animals.

4. Sexual. Severely fatal animolestation.
PETA was very disturbed to learn of the animutilation of the squirrel by the severely obese man.
by The Nudist September 22, 2005
See also Bestiality



Any nonconsensual sexual (or Nonconsexual) activity performed with animals; not limited to actual phallic penetration.
The guy who screw your chickens will be charged with animolestation and will have his penis removed with grapefruit spoons.
by The Nudist September 22, 2005

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