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2 definitions by The Notorious Robbie G

A codeman for a that can walk the walk and talk the talk with the best of the best. His codeman is usually mistaken for a sexual act or being a person that has sex in his mind but in reality refers to his ability to talk himself out of trouble or talk himself into convincing or fooling the ordinary person. A cunning linguist has a lot of confidence in what he says and does, keeps his word, and cuss someone out when mad. Other traits that define a cunning linguist being a smartass, bragging, and being witty.
He is such a suave talker that the ladies call him The Cunning Linguist.
by The Notorious Robbie G October 28, 2011
A sweet nice good looking woman that has a beautiful smile, but once you get to know her, you realize that she is strongwill and hates to lose! Also, she can be dangerous when drunk for she can be a crazy drunk or an angry drunk (approach her with caution if she is drunk).
Tania is having fun playing beer pong but I can tell he is getting drunk but refuse to lose the game.
by The Notorious Robbie G October 28, 2011