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When a teenager tries to grow a beard, but it looks like pubic hair do to Un-muscularity which creats a chee-a-chin (Chee-a-pet)effect. The chin then look like a ball sack or Testicals, hence the word Testichin.
You see Johns Testichin.. looks like he has been smoking the Bologna Pony!..
by The Notebook November 01, 2005
Having to be the one to always lean over the center conceal of the inside of a car to show affection to a female.
Yo, mike that girl had me back sacrificing last night in her Caddy, now I got a torn lumbar!
by The Notebook October 11, 2005
A sexual game played between a couple. Where in most case's the female would sit on the male's face allowing his nose to go into the sphynxter. While indulging in this activity the male can proceed to tell lies and his nose grows allowing more pleasure for the female, elimating the thought of lying not being a good thing to do.
Come here baby lets play Pinocchio.. You sit on my face, I tell lies, its lots of fun!..
by The Notebook October 06, 2005
One who whorships his girlfriend or a girls ass and then she offically makes him the man to take care of her ass. Riding ones ass.
When she walked into the room my heart melted, I knew she was the one for me. I knew as soon as I seen her. I fell in love instantly with her ass. I only hope I can be her Ass Jockey!
by The Notebook October 11, 2005

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