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Getting home (at all, or anytime soon)

A reference to a translated Odyssey by Homer, the character Odysseus is translated to Ulysses. In the story, it took something like 10 years for the man to get home to his wife and dog from the Trojan war (In the Iliad). He had all kinds of adventures along the way, from the sirens to calypso.

In the Franz Ferdinand album, Tonight, the first song is titled Ulysses. In the song the man is singing about how bored he is at night and calls up his friends to get high and have a good time. In the video, while he is on the payfone there is a sticker on the phone that reads 'Am I Ulysses?' (Am I getting home tonight? Or at all for that matter...)

If you are Ulysses, you'll get home. If you aren't you won't.
"Am I Ulysses? Am I Ulysses?" "No, but you are now boy"

"Oh then suddenly you know, you're never going home.... You're not Ulysses"
by The New Afro-Scottish Gentry, February 25, 2010

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