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Something very, very wet.
She's wetter than an otter's pocket.
by The Moai April 10, 2006
JD Sports, a chain of 'sportswear' shops which in fact exists purely to provide clothes for the great unwashed white trash of Britain - Kappa, Nike, Burberry etc.
'I needed a t-shirt to paint in, so I went to Chavs R Us. I've never seen so many teenagers pushing prams.'
by The Moai April 06, 2005
Noun. Taken from BBC's excellent historical comedy, 'Blackadder The Second'. One becomes Cardinal Chunder if one vomits copiously in response to alcohol.
'What's that noise in the bathroom?'
'Ceri has just become the first female Cardinal Chunder, due to Rob's poteen.'
by The Moai March 31, 2005
Pornography, whether in print or audio-visual format.
'A grot shop has opened on Kilburn High Road.'
by The Moai April 14, 2005
A legal defence to accusations of theft, popular in the somewhat down-at-heel South Wales Valleys town.
The defence consists of 'It wasn't nailed down, your honour.'
'I drank one of Rob's bottles of wine. I intend to use the Merthyr defence - wasn't nailed down, was it?
by The Moai April 11, 2005
Something useless. can be used as an adjective.
'The Scottish defence is totally chocolate fireguard.'
by The Moai April 06, 2005
A French girlfriend.
'Missed the film. La belle frogette was late. Again.'
by The Moai April 01, 2005

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