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3 definitions by The Missile

The combination of absolutely and positively to indicate a strong agreement and confirmation.
Yes, I absotively agree with the results, Joe! There is no doubt Stu's a nutcase.
by The Missile April 13, 2013
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An excessive amount of diarrhea.
Dan must've gotten a very bad stomach bug because he has been having excessive amounts of shitorrhea. No toilet is safe.
by The Missile April 21, 2013
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A person, preferably another male, with experience to help guide a younger male in developing his maturity as a man.
John grew up without a father figure and had no guidance in developing his adult manhood. Steve, a respected Big Brother, stepped in to guide John and served as his man-coach to guide him with responsible direction in live towards maturing as an adult male.
by The Missile March 22, 2012
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