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16 definitions by The Master Wisdom

(PROPER NOUN) FAG, short for FAGGOT: The reason that the "Don't ask don't tell" policy is being implemented in the military. NOT a hate word, it is as other profile words/Identification Words, towel, sheet, sky, room, Jew, Christian, Dog, Cat, etc.....

Mentally Ill or retarded people, in an attempt to desensitize, confuse issues and demoralize the public will also twist and steal sane words, like gay-having absolutely NOTHING to do with being a Fag, Any one having a little intelligence knows Gay is just an emotion!

Often, retarded immature people, with less than an IQ of 50 will call any one with any MORAL FORTITUDE or an IQ over 50 a homophobic/homophobe, NOT having the intelligence to understand Homo is short for Homo-Sapien.

The Term homophobic or homophobic, would actually mean the fear of one's own "HUMAN RACE" - Homo-SAPIEN!!!
Question1. Alex are you a FAG?

Answer2. Don't ask don't tell. And, that should be in the formal as in Faggot!

Statement1. But it's obvious your a faggot.

Statement2. Remember, Don't ask don't tell

Idiotic NOOBIC NAZI: Your a homophobe

SANE INTELLECTUAL: Yes, perhaps I might not trust my fellow man, from historical expierences, so?

Idiotic NOOBIC NAZI: No man, like, duh like, duh, like you uhh, hate homosexuals...

SANE INTELLECTUAL: So, Now you have opened your mouth, used the term FAG out of text and removed ALL doubt I might of had that your an idiot and PROVEN YOU ARE an IDIOT! Homophobe/homopgobic does NOT have anything to do with a homosexaul, it is derived from HOMO as in Homo-Sapien!!! Take your idiotic, illiterate meanings and slither back under your dark rock of idiocy, please you NOOBIC NAZI go away!
by The Master Wisdom November 23, 2010
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The Advanced Level of “Whisdom” that one finds when one becomes an Apprentice Wizard of Love.
After he swore off ALL earthly values he became an "Apprentice Wizard of Love", his great Whizdom shown brightly, and all could see that he was truly filling his days with Life's Greatest Magic - LOVE.
by The Master Wisdom November 23, 2010
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Wi-z-uhl (noun) A sickness in which a person needs friends or they will shrivel up and die; a person with sad sickness.
Hey Wizzle! Do you need me to be your friend right now?
by The Master Wisdom November 22, 2010
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The uncontrollable urge to shiver/shimmy while urinating/Wizing.

Mostly happens to males.
Larry made a real mess of the bathroom with his wiz shiver.
by The Master Wisdom November 14, 2010
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The Wiz Attendant for the Wizroom.

The Wizar will not be found in average public Wizrooms. Wizars, Wizzars, Wiz Tenders are the attendants that pass out towels, cologn and other types of toiletries.

Some times even chocolate. Wizars are found mostly in Executive, prominent and uppidy Wizrooms reserved for the SO-CALLED upper class. Wizar, Wizar also known as a Wiz-Tender person, usually one who keep piss in a jar in a freezer.
Wizar/Wizzar: Would you like a towel Sir?
Executive: Why yes I would. Do yo have those little bocks of cholcolates?

Wizar/Wizzar Attendant: I am sorry Sir, we are all out of chocolate today!

Executive: This is a very important issue I will most certainly bring to the CEO's attention!
by The Master Wisdom November 22, 2010
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The combining of a Wiz/PISS and a magician, together creates a mighty magical force possible in creating astounding magical pissing uncontrollably - search Rosie Nunn
Did you see that?

What that Wizagician?

Yea, what was that?

Oh, that is just another Wizagician wizin out of control!
by The Master Wisdom November 27, 2010
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NOUN: A morning erection at least partially caused by the intense need to take a Wiz (urinate).
My girlfriend thought I was ready to get busy this morning but I had to explain to her that I just had a wizdizzle and had to take a wiz before making the beast with 2 backs.
by The Master Wisdom November 20, 2010
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