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2 definitions by The Man In Black

A type of Texas Hold 'Em player. The All-In Hero has no actual skill in the game of poker, and the only way he can win is by constantly going "All-In" (betting all his chips in one bet) before the flop.

Most all-in heroes are the biggest suckers at the table, and even a player of moderate skill will bankrupt and All-In Hero eventually.
"I bankrupted that All-In Hero when I called his stupid bet with my with pocket bullets."

"What'd he have?"

"2/7 offsuit."

"Fucking dumbass, gotta love All-In Heroes."
by The Man In Black March 12, 2005
A game which unfortunately has become very popular. All these newbies suck and are easy pickings. I guess that means guys like me that have been playing for 11 years can make even more money than ever.
Retard: All-In
Me: I call.
Retard: Read em and weep, two pair, 2's and 3's.
Me: Ace high flush. What the fuck were you thinking with three over cards and those four spades on the table?
Retard: I thought two pair was good.
Me: Just give me your money and never play again, you're a disgrace to the game. Fucking newbs.
by The Man In Black April 11, 2005