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Tre Cool is the amazing drummer of Green Day. Born Frank Edwin Wright III, Tre joined the band when the original drummer left. Tre collects drumkits and plays like thunder. He has the energy of a bee, the speed of a cheetah and the rage of a rabid dog. Probably.
Me :
"Look! It's Tre Cool from Green Day!"
Tre : "who?"
by The Lilac Pilgrim November 07, 2004
Agent Smith is... let him (them) put it himself, shall we?

Smith #1 : I am the Alpha...
Smith #2 : ...Of your Omega...
Smith #3 : I am the beginning...
Smith #4 : ...Of your end.
Smith : A Smith. Agent Smith.
by The Lilac Pilgrim July 25, 2004
Twins. Martial Arts Experts. Biggest film to date : The Matrix Reloaded. Most recent film to date : Team One
Birth date : 14.05.70 (supposedly)
Birth Place : Minster, England (supposedly)
Claim to fame : "Handy hunks" on Better Homes, UK.
... twins... cool twins... awesomely cool twins...
by The Lilac Pilgrim March 31, 2004

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