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Ditto to the #1 definition. It's a crappy site where nerds gather to brag, rave about how snitching is cool, and speak out against Affirmative Action because they think it's an easy way out for the colored people that them and their fagget ancestors put through the worst 200 years of their history.

Them: Your 4.0 GPA, 6.0 Weighted, 20 AP classes, etc. etc. will never amount to anything. You have to LOVE learning. You have to snitch on everyone that cheats, because it'll kill the grade curve! Nevermind that in my real life, I'm the biggest nerd that's ever had the misfortune of living. I'm cool here on College Confidential, because every other nerd that thinks snitching is cool and the only way to go also comes on this site! So ha!
Me: Uhh, okay...

Ooo, ooo, I have another one!

Them (#1): OMG! This kid cheated in my Calculus class today! He had all the formulas preprogrammed on his TI-89 (I know everything about calculators because I'm so cool!). He got a perfect score on the test so now there's no curve... What should I do!?!

Them (#2): Dude, totally snitch on that kid! I can't believe he'd do such a thing! (little do I know that I'm just a snooty little cracker rich kid, and that I'd be lynched by those 'niggers' for snitching on them if I ever attended a public school)

Me: Get a life, seriously... You'd have the living shit beaten out of you if you snitched on someone over here. In fact, I'd probably be the ones beating you senseless and then running over to your house to have my way with your mom.

Them (#3): OMG! I can't believe you'd condone cheating. That's the worst thing in the world! Nevermind world hunger, global war, the thousands that die and nobody ever hears about, or the fagget president me and my cracker presidents put in FOR TWO FUCKING TERMS IN A ROW!

Me: Wow... just wow. I can't defend myself here because there are too many nerds here. Here on College Confidential, cheating is the devil.

Hmm, and now for Affirmative Action.

Them (#1): I can't believe that Affirmative Action is still here. It's totally racism! (who cares about the fact that my people tortured colored people for hundreds of years?)

Them (#2): Yeah, those niggers, spics, and others need to get the fuck over it.

Them (#3): Yeah, I'm Black, and my people are so lazy!

Me: How can you guys torture races of people for hundreds of years, and then expect them to miraculously bounce back and be on the same wealth and education status as you and the hoard of crackers you hold so dearly to your heart?

Moderator: I sent a PM to your inbox explaining the infraction you get. Watch your mouth, spic! All you niggers out there better watch yourself.

And finally, and one of my favorite ones!

Them (#1): School is so important! It's my life! Having a college degree = intelligence, totally!

Them (#2): Yeah, fo sho! Haha, did anyone catch my ironic nigger talk!?!

Random Guy: Erm... I started a business in my early high school years that began producing thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time. I had a 2.0 GPA, because quite honestly, why would I care about school when I don't need it? I consider myself more intelligent than the average bear, and much more intelligent than some kiss ass 4.0 GPA student who sits there all day being taught like a parrot to absorb everything he reads and hears and repeats it right back, on demand! And I'm not going to college (*gasp*)

Them (#4): *gasp* You're not going to college!?!! You're an idiot.

Random Guy: Yeah, and after you finish your 5 college degrees at the age of 30, you'll be working for me, someone who finished school at 18. :) Just picture it: You education addicts sit there all day earning your pricey degrees, all to help the truly smart people, the entrepreneurs, become even richer! The same people that got minimum education are the same people you're going to make richer in the future! How ironic...

Them (#3): Erm... so you consider yourself smarter because you got lucky with a business and made thousands of dollars in high school than someone who can memorize a dictionary?

Random Guy: Umm, is that a serious question?

Obviously dramatized, but the overall message of each example is completely true and was used on College Confidential.
by The Lamb August 16, 2007

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