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1. Another word for "suck", most probably derived from the world of internet gaming.

2. To not achieve
1. What do you mean you lost? YOU FAIL!

2. I failed at achieving sickness to avoid the presentation.
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
1. The most expensive school in Singapore. Also the most notorious.
2. The daycare dungeon for the expat kid.
3. Where you have to be smart and wear a uniform.
1. Shit you go to SAS? you must be rich!
2. PLZ! I'll do anything, just don't make me go to Singapore American School.
3. Man, Norky busted me for wearing flip flops again.
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
A word used by both ordinary people and marines to talk about marines. The term jarhead came out because of the very short hair cuts which resembles that of a jar.
1. Every single jarhead made the mistake of joining the corps.
2. I was made to be a jarhead, i was made to kick ass "Oorah".
by The Kevin December 19, 2005
A balm created in Asia, thought to cure anything. It's cheap, legal, and it works almost as good as windex.
Little Johnny: Mommy I got a Misquito bite
Mommy: Rub tiger balm on it!
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
Created by my math teacher Mr. Tomlinson, used to diss the students. Not to be mixed up with the one liner : who cares? This one has a pause until the other person responds.
Mr. T: Why weren't you here last week?
Vikki: My Grandma died, so I had to go.
Mr. T: Who?
Vikki: My Grandma
Mr. T: Cares!
Class: Owned!
Vikki: *Cry*
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
A euphamism for bullshit. Usually said in a squeaky Irish accent.
Dude: Yea yesterday I got like, 10 chicks' numbers.
Kevin: And I'm a leprechaun!
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
A green pasty substance extracted from the coconut. Made and usually only found in Asia. It's mostly eaten on toast, and is very sweet.
Would you like to have some kaya with that toast Mr?
by The Kevin August 16, 2005

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