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A racial slur that is a portmanteau of nigger and piglet. It means a black child.
-Woah there, niglet! Get off my wife.
-Is that niglet tryin to hustle me?
by The Jesus Bot May 18, 2007
A variation of the spelling of nigga.
Guy #1: Sup my nigas? Where's Joe?
Guy #2: He's at Fat Charlie's.
by The Jesus Bot May 18, 2007
A choad load is used as an adverb before something.

It's a lot like shit load.
Dude, we have a chode load of homework tonight.
by The Jesus Bot May 18, 2007
There are actually two deffinitions to fag drag:

1. To beat up two or more homosexual people and tie them to a truck and drive fast.

2. The act of taking a drag from a fag, a British cigarette.
1. We're gonna go to a fag drag, wanna help?

2. Okay, just let me have a fag drag.
by The Jesus Bot May 21, 2007

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