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3 definitions by The Incredible D

Gaming term.
A red barrel is any object that will explode violently when shot, damaging all surrounding objects/enemies.
Almost all shooters have red barrel.
It does not have to be red, nor does it have to be a barrel.
First appeared in the FPS Doom, wherein barrels of toxic waste would explode when shot, turning nearby enemies into piles of red slush.
If you shoot that red barrel, you can take them all out.
Damn! I just got killed by my own red barrel!
by The Incredible D May 11, 2009
Annualy, on 30th April, the website Newgrounds.com holds a celebration known as Pico Day, in celebration of Pico. Users submit Pico-themed animations and games, often featuring his pals Nene and Darnell. Pico is an origianl charachter created be Tom Fulp, the founder of Newgrounds.

Pico Day falls on Tom Fulp's birthday.
"I'm going to create a Pico Day cartoon! Oh boy, a Pico Day cartoon! I can't wait to start work on my Pico Day cartoon! ...what's a Pico?"
by The Incredible D May 11, 2009
Term used to describe a particularly stinky fanny.
I pulled down her pants and the smell hit me like a boxing glove on a spring.
by The Incredible D March 13, 2009