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Generally a female too frugal or bougie to buy her own alcohol that will hit you up and ask to chill ONLY when you have alcohol. Oftentimes she will bring along her fellow herd of Bottle Boppers and allow them to casually graze at your place while consuming all your alcohol. Once they have satisfied their desires they will quickly and uniformly come up with an excuse for why have to leave "unfortunately" and move on to their next mooching destination without throwing down or exchanging bodily fluids with the bottle's owner.
Yo B, im heated that that Bottle Bopper came through and killed my 151 without having enough common courtesy to even fellache me.

She doesnt really wanna chill with the Wave Team, that Bottle Bopper just wants to sip for free and keep it movin...
by The Hood Sage June 15, 2011
The act of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with one or more partners. Discovered by two young scholars once coming across a Dunkin Donuts advertisement for ice cold beverages.
1. Malcolm: Hey bruh, you might wanna take this Magnum, who knows, you might get lucky tonight.

Martin: 1. I get lucky EVERY night. and 2. *slaps condom to the ground* I dont need those. I Pipe Cold.

2. Amber: OMG those Phi Psi guys are so attractive, cultured, and in shape. I'd let any and every one of them pipe cold.

Katt: You're disgusting.

3. Thank the BasedGod for the day after pill. I'd be a not so proud father of 7 if it weren't for these things because i stay Piping Cold.
by The Hood Sage June 16, 2011

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