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Probably the worst game ever created on earth. All you do is walk about doing pointless crap while better folk boast and don't even talk to you unless you have some very expensive armour on.
Runescape is crap and I hope you never play it.
by The Hand Of God April 06, 2005
The feudal, honorable warriors of Japan, equivalent to European knights. They were a class of nobles, highest in the system set by Tokugawa. They were honorable, powerful, and courageous fighters, quite different from ninja, who were the skilled assassins with little to no honor. I believe each side could take on the other, personaly.
The samurai were very brave warriors, 'nuff said. No flames about ninjas beating them!
by The Hand of God January 21, 2004
Faggot who goes around in a red and blue costume and who tries to help old women cross a road that they didn't want to cross. Causer of air-sickness.
You prick, spiderman!!!
by The Hand Of God April 06, 2005

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