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A sandwich prepared by a wife for her blue-collared husband's lunch. Such sandwiches are indicative of the husband's libido, either ravenous or lacking: Thick meat on a sandwich indicates a happy wife, whereas a thin slice of bologna with no condiments stands testament to a man who has been ignoring his carnal obligations.
Bob's wife gave him a skimpy Work Sandwich -- they won't be married for much longer.
by The Grottomaster April 26, 2011
A reflection upon happier times, prior to the days of one's inability to have sex.
I was happily daydreaming about my youth, engaging in Fucking Retrospect.
by The Grottomaster May 23, 2011
A person, usually a young one and frequently of the X-generation, who lives life at the minimum and is desirious of only enough cash to squeak by, working only to the degree necessary to acheive that dubious objective. Slackers are generally viewed as lazy and unambitious parasites on society in general, especially by older generations, including former hippies who were notably more noxious in their own youth. In the 1950s and before, the people who would nowadays be commonly characterized by the term slacker would have then been the individuals who necessitated innumerable red-lettered signs which pronounced No Loafing, signs which were prominently posted nationwide at nearly every gas station of the era and which were ignored on an equal magnitude by the people whom they specifically targeted.
Zachary is a slacker of the First Water... he's a part-timer at McDonald's, listens endlessly to classic Bob Dylan tunes, and lives with anyone who has yet to run him off.
by The Grottomaster August 31, 2010
Typically, these are mandatory tests administered at the behest of law enforcement, a court, an employer, or a medical clinic. The objective of the test, which is conducted by means of urine analysis, is different depending upon who orders it. Tests administered by law enforcement, the court, or an employer are conducted to determine if narcotic or illegal drugs are present in one’s urine. If it is present it will likely result in being charged with a crime or, the revocation of probation or, being fired. The purpose of a medical clinic mandated urine test is to make sure that a particular prescribed drug is present in one’s urine and, if it is not, or if non-prescribed drugs are present, the patient is issued no more narcotic prescriptions and is usually dropped as a patient of that facility. The underlying purpose of this test is to make sure that the patient is not selling his or her medication. If s/he has no presence of the prescribed drug in his or her system then it is assumed that they have unlawfully sold their medicine. Unfortunately, these tests are not one-hundred percent accurate.
I failed my piss test and the pain clinic dropped me as a patient.
by The Grottomaster May 09, 2015
An Appalachian noun describing either a fish of very large dimension or an unusually large pecker, (on either an animal or a human.) The 'g' has a soft pronunciation, like a 'j-sound'.
Man I dragged that catfish into the boat and it was a fuckin' slunger!
by The Grottomaster May 13, 2011
The aggregation of people planet-wide, (but chiefly in America), who contribute absolutely nothing beneficial to society and who pass through life virtually unnoticed, except when they offend. These people typically jump from one low-paying job to another, (if they have a job), never serve in the military, manifest mediocrity of geological magnitude, have no hobbies, and every one of them owns an elaborate cell phone which is perpetually activated while conversing about some non-topic to another member of this dubious group. Generally speaking, such folks are parasites on society, taking advantage of every government giveaway program in existence.

Key locations to observe such people include McDonald's, Wal-Mart, laundromats, and hospital emergency rooms. They almost always travel in packs, (family and peer units), and at least two to three cell phones will be evident when they are present.
It's the first of the month and we'll have to elbow our way through the societal debris to do any shopping at Wal-Mart.
by The Grottomaster June 02, 2011
A priest who has molested at least 100 boys.
He's almost achieved his ranking as an Archpedophile -- he only has four boys to go.
by The Grottomaster March 27, 2011
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