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Someone who spanks at get togethers and then presses the flesh to share his 'man lotion'.
It was high fives around the room after the Packers scored once again on the Bears. MrPack rushed from the washroom and snickered aloud while giving everybody a double high five, as he's quite the sneaky ganglebanker.
by The Gridiron Assassin April 23, 2005
Somebody who craves the baloney pony
The new TV pitchman for Chili's is quite the knob goblin.
by The Gridiron Assassin July 07, 2003
Silvy and Carm's ill advised segment on ESPN1000 on 'random thoughts and/or other minutia'. The idea was spawned from a term that Bruce Levine picked up back in the Prohibition Era.
Speaking of slap and tickle sessions... Always being the contrarion, Sammy Sosa used a bottle WITHOUT cork to smack upside his wife's head. .....allegedly....
by The Gridiron Assassin April 10, 2004

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