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Abbreviation for Proletariat, the Soviet worker class, used to refer to someone crude, common, or of lower standing.

Also used to classify someone following the "herding" tendencies of pop culture or fashion.
"Only a Prol orders a Corona in an Irish bar."
by The good Doctor January 29, 2004
a tab is how music for guitars is written and read such as


by the way to you other pickers that isnt a song.
ive been working on that stairway to heaven for a friggin month
by the good doctor November 08, 2004
A new fragrance mixing the delightful aroma of holidays ciggarettes with the satisfying smell of lynx deodorant
Is it just me or is someone wearing essence of flome??
by the good doctor August 16, 2003
Christ, origins and meaning: Ancient Greek word Cristros/Xristos has it's roots in Ancient India commonearing nomanclature from a word that Alexander the Great and friends got from the Ancient Hindu word Krishna, meaning: he who has all the potencies, all attractive one, fully realised or enlightened or beyond in all senses spiritual and physical.

Often a misquoted, misunderstood and misused word, Christ does no appear in the original four gospels, pre Roman Emporer Theodosius, the Gospels of Judas, Thomas, James, & Mary, Jesus would never have been reffered to as Christ or Jesus, his name was Yawehsoah, or simply put in Roman English Translitteration: Son Of Yaweh, or son of God. Soah: Son Of(any word set before soah), Yaweh: God, Hebrew for God, or allmighty.

So in the actual lifetime of "Christ/Jesus" you would have actually called him Yawehsoah, or if you were on the informal basis, and personally knew him one on one, you might call Him Jesus(son of Joseph)but his real title would have been Jehova or Jawehsoah/Yawehsoah not Christ/Xristos. This word was not used commonly to reffer to the so-called Christ Jesus, until years after his death, and this first refference to a Christ was made by a Greek, Paul of Tarsus(sp?). Not by J.C.'s comtemporaries, friends, peers, or family.
Jesus H. Christ it is hot in here.

Pray to Lord Jesus, and all will be forgiven.

You will be sorry when the Fire Hewn Sword of the second coming of Christ is splayed apon your sinner brow.
by The Good Doctor August 13, 2012

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