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The untampered hymen of an elderly lady who is still a virgin. Cherry is slang word for a woman's hyman.
That Martha down at the old folks home is such a bitch she's never had dick, so you know that pussy has a rotten cherry!
by The Godmother January 05, 2005
This is a term to describe a penis that has been removed from a person's anus after anal sex and then through the process of fellating is then vomited on by the same person or even another.
Becky loves it in the ass and you know Amanda loves to suck the cock so when I have that threesome with the two of them I'm sure to end up with a chili-chocolate dog!
by The Godmother January 05, 2005
Another slang term for the word semen. This one is a more vivid, straight to the point term.
I made gay love to my cousin and he swallowed up all of my hot man fluid, not leaving a drop to spill from his pre-teen mouth.
by The Godmother January 05, 2005
A stupid fucking way that British Limeys say ass. It is true that this is the original form of what become the American word "ass" but it still sounds stupid and annoys the piss out of most people. Mainly gives the impression of somebody who is afraid to swear.
My mum says not even the queen can make us brush our teeth, if she tried mum would kick her arse!
by The Godmother January 05, 2005
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