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The Pest Face.

A face made, usually by males, when they see hot women. Their sexual desires are clearly written all over their face when they want sexual intercourse with a certain female 'victim'.

It consists of a strain in the face, possible teeth gritting or lower-lip biting and a dark glaze over the eyes as they imagine having their wicked way. A sweating brow and or top lip is usally evident.
John: Hey! Harry, stop giving her the pest face.

Harry: I can't help it my balls are the size of watermelons.
by The Galavanters June 14, 2009
The act of striking one's mouth in a violent manner whilst wearing knuckle dusters.
Mike: "Did you see what happened to him!"

Bob: "No what?"

Mike: "He got served A Plate of Metal Chips straight in the fuckin' mushky."
by The Galavanters May 30, 2009
To have hard, vigorous sex with a person.
John: "I'm gonna smash your back end out."
by The Galavanters February 26, 2010
The act of having hard vigorous anal sex with a female.
John: "I'm gonna do some sump bludgeoning tonight."
by The Galavanters February 26, 2010
When someone suffers from extremely bad halitosis their breath smells very much like fecal matter.

People smell their breath and they actually think that they must deficate from the oral orifice if it smells that bad.
Chris leans in close while he talks to John, breathing heavily.

Chris: Hello John.

John: Fuckin hell, Take your head for a shit mate!
by The Galavanters June 20, 2009
When a person breaks wind and it smells very similar to fecal matter.
John: Have you Shit the Nest?

or Who's shit the nest? that fucking stinks.
by The Galavanters June 20, 2009

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