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A wrestling manuever where you wrap both of your arms around another person's neck and dropping down onto your ass while your back is turned toward them.If done correctly,the person who is receiving this should either choke theirself on your shoulder, bite their lip, jawjack theirself, or break their jaw (not to be attempted if you are drunk or suck at wrestling.)
Hey sucka,you bettuh back up about three feet before you catch a stunner!
by The GR8-1 May 16, 2003
A fan of the seven foot tall big freakin'machine of the WWE known as Kane.
Kane gets a couple of cheers from his Kanenites in the audience
by The GR8-1 May 16, 2003
whenever you kick a guy in the mouth. if done correctly and it knocks him out, then it's "sweet chin music"!
DDM "tuned up the band" to play a little chin music on that ol'bitch o'er thurr
by The GR8-1 May 16, 2003
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