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Also known as a "BR," it is a reference to a female (or male) who is so unattractive that one needs to drink to the point that his (or her) retinas are burnt in order to hook up with said beast.
I was at a party last night when some burnt retina hit on me. After ten tequila shots, my retinas were properly burned enough to tap that giant beast.
by The Fresh Prinz July 10, 2009
A variation of the chili dog. As most people know, the chili dog is when the man shits on the women's chest and then titty fucks her. The dick of course is the hotdog, the tits are the buns and the shit is the chili. The cheese is added when an unwashed and uncircumcized man is doing the fucking. His dick cheese, or schmegma, provides the perfect topping.
"I haven't washed by dick in days. There is so much cheese down there I think me and the missus will have a chili cheese dog tonight."
by The Fresh Prinz March 26, 2009
A Lloyd or 'loid is a slang term for a person with Down's syndrome. It is short for Mongoloid.
I was at the store yesterday when some Lloyd crapped his pants.
by The Fresh Prinz July 10, 2009
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