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The shortest (but definitely the sexiest) Irken invader from the series Invader Zim. Skoodge was assigned to invade Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people, which made him very very sad, which in turn caused him to weep profusely. Skoodge also demonstrates quite the propensity for flatulence and he enjoys wearing stained clothing. Skoodge was also shot out of a cannon as he is very sexy that way. He's also unkillable, which is probably a result of being voiced by Ted Raimi.
Invader Skoodge is the sexiest being in the whole universe. Everyone wishes to bear his lurvemonkeys.
by The Fiend March 09, 2004
The 99 cent bins filled with thongs that are present in Rue 21 stores nationwide. Also, an alternate name for Rue 21 itself, due to these notorious hoardes of thongs.
Say, did you see Mel's new thong? She has purchased it at the Ocean of Thongs!
by The Fiend March 07, 2004
A Creepy (or is it Cute..?) Little Old Dude who has made a gigantic poster of himself in order to advertise a Super Bowl party, and has thusly become a cult phenomenon on the Internet. His head is often superimposed on someone else's body to create amusing images, a process known as "clodding." Many agree that he is the quintessential Sexy Beast.
Did you see that picture of CLOD BALLZ in a thong? Man, that's one sexy beast!
by The Fiend March 06, 2004
A very sexy yellow-skinned fruit that is sometimes considered rather penile. The banana, in its natural habitat, is known to haunt people, especially those by the name of Mandi. They can show up anywhere, and frequently like to reiterate the fact that yes, they are indeed.. a banana.
I am a banana!
by The Fiend March 08, 2004
The rotisserie chicken available at Giant Market deli section, occasionally going on special for buy one get one free and causing many to experience overwhelming glee.
Harken! For I wish to consume hen as my midday meal!
by The Fiend March 07, 2004

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