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A state of not actually knowing anything useful or accurate about something, but insisting that you do in fact know scores on the subject matter in question.

Typically displayed by managers, belligerent ludites and salesmen.
I asked our nowledgeable server vendor for a quote on new CPUs for my DB server. Now I've got a quote on three SANs and SAP....
by The Evil Muppet September 15, 2009
Attempt to add a word or term to a dictionary (such as Urban Dictionary), glossary or other list of definitions whilst demonstrating an inability to spell, punctuate or correctly structure sentences during execution of said word or term definition.
Check out this dictonary entry: "When you attempt to do something you suck at, your totally going to epic fail!"

See definitions for:

your not too good
by The Evil Muppet February 02, 2011
The horrendous situation observed in a typical office toilet that contains 2 cubicles, both of which are simultaneously occupied resulting in damnation without relief.
Lloyd: "Wow Dave, you were back from the shitter quickly!"
Dave: "Do not go in there. There's an absolutely awful Double Booking!"
by The Evil Muppet November 05, 2011

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