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Slang for a black person. It has gained popularity on the eastern coast of the United States as it is drastically less offensive than the commonly used “nigger”.

Also used is the less common “Cricket of the Moon”.
White guy greeting black friend: “Whats good, mooncricket?”
by The Emperor of Time and Space January 28, 2012
Throwing caution to the winds and ingesting a massive amount of psychedelics. A reference to a well-known quote from “The Doors” frontman Jim Morrison.

While riding the snake, you may enter into an extradimensional/transdimensional realm coterminal with the realm of space-time, or “reality” as it is commonly known. While in this realm, you may be accosted by swarms of neon green bat skulls and/or disembodied columns of teeth and eyes. You must not fear them, for they will take your mind away to the land of wind and ghosts unless you trust in the snake. The snake will see you through, but you cannot see the snake. You will not feel the snake, but the snake will feel you. It is the razor-thin rainbow bridge bisecting your chakras vertically, seperating you into your particulate parts so that you may be parcelled out to the wicked demons of the night which dwell betwixt the infinite yawning spaces between stars.
I was smoking with this chick at a party last night. I asked if she had ever dropped acid, and she said no. She asked if she should try it, and I hemmed and hawed as I thought about the answer to give her. Then my stoned buddy leaned over and said “ride the snake!”. The girl asked what that meant, and I explained to her that I was coming up on a 10 strip at the time. The snake was being ridden.
by The Emperor of Time and Space January 28, 2012
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