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Slang for excreting fecal matter.
"Sweet mother of God, I really need to birth a chocolate smurf!"
by The Duke of Alcatraz August 08, 2008
The act of Shoving your fist into your partner and once inside, opening your hand and releasing multiple ball bearings.
"Wow, Todd gave me a Human Claymore last night and I'm still shitting ball bearings"
by The Duke of Alcatraz March 29, 2009
When one male friend calls up another male friend for a booty call, even though they are straight, the asshole that is fucked becomes a "Booty pussy".
"Dude, I'm bored and Horny, let me come over and fuck that booty pussy of yours. Ps I still love chicks"
by The Duke of Alcatraz April 07, 2009

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