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To make something up on the spot.

Improvisation is common in jazz music, when a musician makes up a solo spontaneously, as opposed to playing a written solo.

Sometimes a group of musicians will completely improvise an entire song. This is done almost exclusively by jazz musicians.

All forms of art can be improvised. Art that is improvised may be called "free" or "freestyle", like "free poetry".

A popular form of improvisation is rapping, or flowing.
Miles Davis was a master of improvisation.
by The Drafted's guitar player August 14, 2005
A very slightly less right-wing version of the Republican Party.
The Democratic and Republican Party might as well merge and call it the Capitolist Party.
by The Drafted's guitar player August 14, 2005
A set of rules, guidelines, and terminology that musicians have come to agree upon over time.

Music theory mostly deals with the earliest music ever written on paper to music written in the late 1800's.
Music theory = my favorite class
by The Drafted's guitar player April 28, 2005

A much too broad term for music.

Charlie Parker and Kenny G are both called "jazz" musicians, yet they sound nothing alike. That is because "jazz" is not a genre of music, it is a general term that refers to any kind of music that contains chords or rythms that are more complicated than that of conventional pop music.
Various Jazz genres are "ragtime", "bebop", "swing", "latin", "lounge", "funk", "blues", "fusion", etc.
#music #bebop #saxophone #charlie parker #miles davis
by The Drafted's guitar player September 22, 2005
One who believes one should make as much money as inhumanly possible by any means necessary. Commonly followed by "pig".

Capitolists are not sympathetic to the poor because they believe that because THEY became rich, anyone can. They believe that poor people are just lazy.
That capitolist pig!
by The Drafted's guitar player August 14, 2005
A big 'ol city with nothing to do. There's no culture. The art scene is a joke. Most of the live music you find is unoriginal and lame. Was the fattest city in the country for a few years. Home town of George W. Bush. Its Six Flags park, Astroworld, is the worste Six Flags park in existance.

They sold their old crappy football team, The Oilers, who then became the Titans and went to the Super Bowl. So they put together another franchise with the most AWESOME name ever, the Houston Texans, who can at least beat the Cowboys.

The biggest industry in the area is oil, the refineries and power plants are an eyesore and make the city one of the cheapest to live in. If it weren't for that, there would be absolutely no reason for the surrounding suburbs to be so rediculously crowded (mostly with Republican tools).

EVERYONE drives, no one walks anywhere, and only Los Angeles has more air polution.

NASA sucks.
Come to Houston, we got us a big ass hospital!
by The Drafted's guitar player August 14, 2005
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