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1 definition by The Definite

The space between a woman's breasts, beyond her cleavage, usually when there is a very little gap between her breasts. The woman usually has DD or larger breasts. This term only applies to natural breasts.

The cavity is the place where she stores stuff, like a man's pockets, or a woman's handbag, but at absolutely no cost whatsoever.
Sally had an open top, exposing her natural F-size breasts. The corset she wore exposed a lot of her cleavage, which had barely any gap between the two.

Sally looked left and then right before placing her phone inside her breasts. While her hands were there, she pulled the two apart, and pulled out a small notepad and a pen.

She placed her notepad on her chest and began writing, before pulling the two apart again and pulling out some liquid paper. When she finished using the liquid paper, she placed it back inside her breasts.

When she finished writing, Sally placed her notepad and pen inside her cavity.

Half an hour later, Sally pulled out a 600mL drink bottle and started drinking, before placing it back into her cavity.

When she met with her boyfriend, all of this was still in her cavity, yet he saw none of it, as it was all stored in her cavity.
by The Definite November 07, 2009