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Pumping off using two warm slices of buttered pumpernickel bread.
"Dude, I was in the bakery yesterday, and I had the best pumpernickel pump-off ever!"

"Just got home from the grocery store with my girl. You guys know what time it is? It's time for a pumpernickel pump-off!"

"Spending the night alone...guess it's time to make a pumpernickel pump-off."
by The Dangerous One45 March 10, 2014
The act of beating off in a hollowed-out, warmed up baguette. When you blow in the baguette, you hand it to your girlfriend/boyfriend to eat as a surprise.
"Dude, I made my girl a beat-off baguette, and she couldn't believe it!"

"While I was still working at the bakery, a customer swore at me, so I went behind the counter and made her a fresh beat-off baguette. That bitch had that coming."
by The Dangerous One45 March 10, 2014

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