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1 definition by The DTM Founders

Down To McDonalds.

The origins of this word actually come from a late night McDonalds trip by 4 friends in the spring of 2008, at Central Michigan University. 3 members of the Fall 07 class of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, and 1 member of the Fall 07 class of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity were the first to ever attend a "DTM".

Not long after the movie Superbad was released, these 4 individuals had taken a liking to the phrase "DTF", also known as Down to F*ck. They then modified the phrase DTF to incorporate their late night McDonalds trip, hence the name "DTM".
Wow i'm starving...


Yea, I could really go for some nuggs right about now.
by The DTM Founders March 20, 2009