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Addicted to all things Hip Hop.

So consumed by the need to partake in rhymes, rap and hiphop culture that it affects all aspects of your day to day life.
Joe was a chronic hiphopaholic.

Little-B was such a hiphopaholic that Dr Dre recommended a 12 step breakdance program.
by The Blinguistist November 13, 2013
Fuckyourselfie - a 'Selfie' photo or image taken by one's self while engaging in an act of masturbation.

An photo sent to a friend /lover or posted on imgur, instagram, gonewild etc or online an pornsite of yourself in some sexual activity or position.

To take a photo of your self with a dildo, vibrator or arseplug.

Play on the phrase - Go Fuck Your Self and the term Selfie.
"hey babe, I'm lonely and horny. Can you send me a fuckyourselfie?'

'Did you see that red haired chick's fuckyourselfie on Reddit's gonewild? That girl was crazy dildo deep!!!'
by The Blinguistist February 01, 2014
to have or display a Buddha like attitude or temperament. To remain calm and cool during a crisis or argument.
'Lucky you had that buddhatude or things with that punk could of got ugly.'
by The Blinguistist January 17, 2012
little know 70's punk band who's only single 'Another piss on the wall' met with limited airplay on community radio.
'Are you going to the Punk Floyd show this Friday at the community hall?'

"No way, they suck!'
by The Blinguistist November 01, 2011
the art of creating and developing new words from old.
By adding, changing or removing letters or by combining two or more completely random words blinguistics endeavors to develop and enrich the English language.

From Bling - add glamour, shine and zing and linguistics - the study of human language.
Snoop Dogg is a master of blinguistics.
by The Blinguistist October 31, 2011
Super Attractive.

Mega sexy, very desirable and good looking

Compound of Hella - very, extremely etc, and Attractive
That girl be hellattractive.

I met this blonde last night. She was hellattractive man!
by The Blinguistist February 17, 2014
An acronym for Virtual Electronic Display Of Public Affection. (VEDOPA) Similar to PDA (Public Display of Affection) except expressed or posted on forums, websites or electronic devices.

Often used by (new) couples on sites like facebook to the annoyance and embarrassment of friends and family.
1. In response to a face book post-

Boy- I luv u sooo much my mushy bear boo! <3 :)
Girl - No, I LLUUUVVVV u more than the world poo-doggy. <3 <3 <3
Friend - "Enough with the vedopa you two, it's getting creepy

2. "If u post anymore vedopa I'm unfriending both of u!"

3. " Get a (chat)room, us singles don't want to see your vedopa all over the internet".
by The Blinguistist January 02, 2014

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