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Spasticus is an alternative way of calling someone a Spaz, Retard, or Fuck Face. The word orginates from a song by 'Ian Dury and the Blockheads' in which the lyrics largely consist of : "I'm spasticus, I'm spasticus
I'm spasticus autisticus"

The main bonus that you get with the word 'Spasticus' is that you can spontaeneously burst into song.. singing the 'Spasticus Autisticus' song, and relatively few people find it as offensive as just calling someone a retard straight off.
'Spasticus Autisticus!!'

'Rice-o... you fucking spasticus'

'Stop being such a fucking spasticus, extreme varns'
by The Big Dawg July 24, 2006
A 'shamoozlet' is a unit used to measure an indefinate yet usually short amount of time. The word shamoozlet orginates from the word shamoozle which is heavily used by 'Ell Da Peach' and members of 'The Peach Posse'
"Back in a shamoozlet biotch"

"Oh shit.. theres the pigs.. back in a shamoozlet"

"Ell... will you shut the fuck up saying shamoozlet all the fucking time!?"
by The Big Dawg August 09, 2006
'Enamel Bucket' is a term used to describe the condition that a womans vagina gets into after it has been fucked too many times. Enamel Buckets are common amongst Prossers and Villiage Bicylcles. Enamel Buckets are unpleasant to fuck because little contact can usually be established between the cock and the bucket.
'Jesus.. she had a right Enamel Bucket'

'I bet she's got an Enamel Bucket'

'Go fuck Shiraz's Enamel Bucket'
by The Big Dawg July 23, 2006
'Littauer' is the later and less used alternative to the word 'Florence', meaning 'Lighter'
"My fuckin littauer broke again.. lost the bastard flint!"
by The Big Dawg August 09, 2006
(Noun) Londoine is a word used to describe any place that food can be acquired or purchased from. Londoine in the true sense of the word refers to a specific canteen in a secondary school in the UK. The word has been widely and heavily used amongst communities at this school for several years.

The founding community of the word Londoine are: Ell Da Peach, Rice-o, Extreme Varns, Famous Poker Player Ross Wiggum and The Almighty Shaky Grant
"We goin londoine or what"

"Im fucking starvin, lets go londoine"

"Bollocks, londoine is bastard closed today cuz of that induction day shit"

"Here comes Rice-o with his pizza and chocolate donut from londoine"
by The Big Dawg July 24, 2006
Anthony Lion is a fictional character that has on several occasions featured live on BBC Radio Shropshire. His character originates from a soft toy lion in a crane machine that had a slight resemblance to someone from Big Brother UK at the time, called Anthony.

Anthony Lion features amongst other quirky fictional characters such as:

Wolfmasta Varns, Chimpmasta Varns, Addy G, Ross Wiggum, Slamdunk, Ell Da Peach, Funkmasta J, Judy Mincefield and The Shoe Leprechaun.
"BBC Radio Shropshire Thank you for that request for the monster mash.. from anthony lion in Ditherington - we'll see if we can squeeze it in later"

"Oh shit... i just lost a fucking anthony lion.. IT WAS THIS CLOSE!!"
by The Big Dawg July 24, 2006
Shamoozle is the trademark word of comedian 'Ell Da Peach' The word is used as a greeting and also to communicate boredom or indifference
'Hey, shamoozle bruv'

'Shamoozle, whats goin down?'

'Awwww shamoozle'
by The Big Dawg July 23, 2006

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