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A female who is attracted to other females emotionally and sexually. Period. You are not necessarily a lesbian if you have strong feelings of love for other women...do NOT get this confused. Also, if you're with a lesbian, you aren't necessarily a lesbian unless you too love (emotionally and sexually) other women. Lesbians are NOT necessarily man-hating, not ALWAYS feminists, and do NOT always have penis fear or envy. Stereotypes may describe lesbians as slutty girls who sleep with other women to get men in bed, but let's get the facts straight: lesbians = women who love women and want to be with them sexually ONLY. If you're a horny guy looking to get a woman-loving girl in bed, try the word bisexual or man-pleasing whore. :)
Linda: Do you love me?
Barb: Yes.
Linda: Are you sexually attracted to me?
Barb: Yes.
Linda: Are you a lesbian?
Barb: ...What the hell do YOU think?
Molly: I love Linda too! But I sleep with men only.
Barb: Shut the f*** up straight girl.
Molly: Kay.
Linda: Does this mean I'm a lesbian because I'm with one?
Barb: No, you could be bisexual.
Linda: Oh, well...let's go make some love.
Barb: Gladly.
by The Angry Lesbian October 22, 2005
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