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named after the Movie Series "Dexter"; the act of placing cellophane all over your apartment, or home, prior to having your marital partner shave your parts of, or entire, body; the purpose of this is so that not piece of hair falls onto your carpet or flooring.
He is in the routine of dextering his apartment prior to having woogie shave his body or give him a haircut.
by The Angry Azian May 22, 2009
Action that is requested by one's marital partner, or close friend, to carry out; this action is revolting because it involves the visual exposure, and handling, of one's extremely hairy bodily parts; this action is usually performed to relieve one's self of heat exhaustion from having a tremendous amount of hair.
In order to be able to fit into his tuxedo, libraty had invited his wife to a morning of weed wacking his back.
by The Angry Azian May 22, 2009
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