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(n) Toilet;lavatory. Derived from it's common porcelian material and everyday importance.
Uh guys...I need to pay golden tribute to the porcelian goddess.
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 10, 2004
Function: Verb
Etymology: Dervied from the everyday importance of the lavatory bowl and it's material.

1. To defecate or vomit profusely as if one is praying and in need of dire religous help. (syn: Praying at the Porcelain Goddess)
Don't ever eat at KFC unless you need to be praying at the Porcelain Altar.
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 11, 2004
Function: verb
Etymology: Orgin Unknown although believed to have come from religous customers of fast food restaurants.

1. To vomit into a lavatory bowl while on your hands and knees as if one is in a position of prayer.
2. To defecate diarrheal contents tensely into a toilet bowl with hands held together and in the air as if one is praying.
MAN! I once ate at Taco Bell and because of that I was praying to the Porcelain Goddess all night!
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 10, 2004
Function: noun
Etymology: Orgin unknown

1. Urine.
I was paying golden tribute to the Porcelain Godess.
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 10, 2004
Function: noun
Etymology: From Lation "politicus" and Middle English "partie"

A group of zealots who blindly fight for stupid causes; A waste of time and intellect.
I refuse to be part of any political party! All you democrats and republicans please stop asking!
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 11, 2004
1. (n) A superhuman with the sexual organs of both genders but not nessecarily able to carry both sperm and eggs.
2. Ones who are persecuted because normal humans like us fear and don't understand their superiority. Like in the X-Men.
3. Jamie Lee Curtis
4. What human beings will evole into in the next 5 million years.
1. Cool! She's a hermaphrodite and can fuck herself!
2. Human beings fear what they don't understand.
3. They say Jamie Lee Curtis is a man, but I think shes a hermaphrodite! And shes hot!
4. The time of homo sapiens have ended and the bi genitis has begun!
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 10, 2004
1. (n)A profession paid to lie for someone in the name of their "defense".
2. (n)A profession that speaks in semantics and points out technicalities.
3. (n)A person of a profession that uses their education to fight for the little people and help out causes such as civil rights and destroy unjust laws but are sadly trampled over by greedy folks who siphon your money.
4. (n) Someone morally benkrupt who takes your money to help you prove that restaurants are irresponsible if they don't label their money hot and that McDonalds should pay money for America's obesity.
5. (n) A selfish profession that shameful perents want their children to become just because it makes a lot of money.
6. (n) The downfall of this country's society.
Lawyers are the scum of the earth!
by The Amazing Anonymous One July 10, 2004
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