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This is a ratio of how many girls there are to guys. Usually. Of course there is the chance that 1 of the guys has 2 dicks.
At that party the Chick to Dick Ratio was 6:3. And there were only 2 guys!
by The All Blacks Rule!!! March 27, 2007
An awesome sport requiring teamwork, fitness and willingness to get beat up by the other team. Points are scored by touching the ball down past the opponent's goal line, preferable under the H-shaped goal posts. This is called a try and is worth 5 points. Kicking the ball through the H-shaped goal posts above the crossbar is another point scorer. This, if done directly after scoring a try, is called a conversion and is worth 2 points. If your team gets to try and kick the ball because the other team got a penalty it is called a penalty kick and is worth 3 points. Rugby is demanding and lots of fun. Rugby is a fun game to watch, shout from the sidlines of, and abuse the referees of.
New Zealander: Rugby Rocks! And the All Blacks can beat every Rugby team there is!
Australian: Yea Rugby is neat. And umm well yes they can I guess.
New Zealander: :) Thanks for admiting it :)
Australian: Yea
English guy: The Lions beat the All Blacks!
Austrailian: Yea they did!!!!
New Zealander: Yup. They sure did. After the All Blacks beat them twice.
English guy: Umm yea forgot about that for a sec.

And so, you see, The All Blacks rule the rugby world!
by The All Blacks Rule!!! March 27, 2007

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