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Originating in Panama City Beach Florida, this is a term that is used to refer to the females that you pick up while in the ocean or on the beach.
Jim: Hey dude you ready to go down to the beach and wheel some salty pussy?
Jay: Hell yea
by The Achievers December 16, 2010
To be high/intoxicated on Vicodin. A play on the term "Mic'd Up". And I'm not talking about taking those sissy 500mgs.
Jim: You wanna go to 5th tonight?
Jay: Yea lets get Viked Up.
by The Achievers December 12, 2011
A term used to describe poor rock and roll music taste. Someone who is a fan of denny rock is generally a fan of shitty alternative bands such as Nickelback, Hinder and Default.
Matt: Hey dude do you think he would wanna go to the Foo Fighters concert with us?
Jim: Probably not man, that kid only listens to shitty ass denny rock.
by The Achievers December 18, 2010
When a person (usually a young female) becomes emotionally unstable and maniacally loses their temper on a regular basis, most often when debating on topics such as driving skills, hygiene and the glass ceiling.
Gal: Hey dude should I bring this hoe to coyotes with us?
Jim: I dont know man, not a good idea, I heard that bitch was snapshow crazy.
by The Achievers December 21, 2010
A slang term for very strong marijuana. The kacker is commonly known to make the smoker cough severely upon inhalation.
Senior: Hey you guys got the kacker!?
Kurt: Standard
by The Achievers January 27, 2013
A term used to describe a sent text message with no reply, usually in regards to the attempted courting of a female.
Jay: Yo did you text that broad?
Jason: Airball
by The Achievers February 21, 2013
The last forward line on a travel hockey team, usually the 4th line. This line barely plays any minutes in the game but still pays the same amount of money as everyone else, thus helping fund the teams ice bill.
Brendan: We're down by 3 and there's only 2 minutes left.
Jim: Guess its time to throw out the ice bill line.
by The Achievers February 03, 2013
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