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Jaxliffy(Jax-Liff-E) singular
Jaxliffies(Jax-Liff-Es) plural

Jaxliffy is an adj.
Its like another word for saying 'Soulja girl'
Now you Say a "Jaxliffy Gurl" no Gal or Girl is suppose to follow the scentence because its just not men't for that spelling.

It basicallly means,a person who has a big dream, a huge dream actually.No matter what their background is or race, A dream that may seem impossible to others but in a Jax's eyes its only a few steps away.So still they go after it, And then if this person succedes they are an official Jaxliffy.
Its used to only describe girls, no mater how girly you are, if you weren't born a legal female then this doesn't apply to you.(ahha!) Diffrences such as; apperances,actions,words you use can all be used to

describe if your a Jaxliffy or not. h
A Jaxliffy gurl is a type of gurl that is athentically diffrent, who thinks higher of her self and who is classy at the same time.

For example i'm a Jaxliffy girl because i believe i will be a RockStar when i'm older that will become even more famous then MJ.
Another Example would be Ophra Winfrey and Tyra Banks.
"Don't be sucha a Jaxliffy Dreamer".
"Those Jaxliffies are powerful people."
"I won't stop till my Jaxliffy dream comes true."
"I will never give up on Jaxliffy!"

strongdreamerindepedentpersistantnever gives upa soldierjust for girls
by The 1st Jaxliffy Gurl April 29, 2010
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